Mineral Analysis

Root Cause Protocol is ideal for people ready to rake charge of their health.

As a Root Cause Protocol Consultant trained at the RCP Institute, I understand the deep connection between mineral balance in the body and overall health. Together, we’ll explore your mineral balance, or imbalance in many instances, to find out what’s causing symptoms of disease and other factors limiting your quality of life. We use bloodwork and hair tissue analysis to identify the root causes of your conditions so we can develop the best course of action for long-term health.

Blood Testing

While it may sound scary, getting blood drawn isn’t something to be worried about. It’s for a good cause too as your blood will be tested for certain mineral compositions which will give us indicators as to the potential causes of issues you’re facing with your health.

Tissue Analysis

This is another portion of our RCP Consultation that sounds much more technical than it really is. We have an analysis performed on a hair sample to find out what’s missing for your mineral makeup. This is powerful information we’ll use it to develop a plan for your health.

RCP Consulting empowers you
to make the right decisions for long-term health.

Mineral Analysis Goals

Testing to Identify Your Mineral Balance
Make the Stress Connection
Implement the Stops and Starts
Establish Goals and Support You Along the Way

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