Corinne Martens

I’m the Founder of Heartfelt Holistic and a passionate wellness enthusiast!

For me, there’s nothing more fulfilling, nothing that returns as much for my efforts, as building a strong health coaching relationship with a new client. I strive to live up to their expectations and support them through everything they’ll encounter on their road to wellness. We’ll also dive into the balances that make up your life in our efforts to find the most productive approach for you as an individual – an approach that looks to transform your health and the way you think about a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

RCP Training

Upon realizing that my passions could provide a healthier future for people who needed someone in their lives to push them on and support them throughout their journey to a healthier life, I entered training at the RCP Institute and completed my coursework in late 2021.

Health Coaching

With my new training in hand, I expanded my health coaching to include mineral analysis which enabled me to give my clients a deeper insight into the causes of some of their past health struggles. Combined with health coaching it’s become a powerful tool for change!

Living a healthier, happier life is
attainable and health coaching can get you there.

Coaching Goals

Developing Healthier Eating Habits
Healthy Ways To Deal With Stress
Discovering Your Mineral Balance
Becoming A Happier, Healthier You

RCP & Coaching Certificates

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