Frequently Asked Questions

As a dedicated Health Coach and trained RCP Consultant, I understand that many people will have questions about what exactly I can do for them to improve their health. I’m happy to answer any and all of those questions one-on-one but I thought it would be helpful to share some of the most common ones I hear along with their answers to assist someone on the fence about reaching out. You’ll find these below.

Health Coaching Questions & Answers

Health coaching, in its simplest form, is assisting those looking to make changes in their lives with the advice, direction and support they’ll need to successfully complete their journey. That’s what I offer – recommendations, guidance and support.

First, we get to know each other through open and honest dialogue. Then we start to investigate what brought you to me and the many ways we can begin to change them for your benefit and mental, spiritual and physical health well-being.

The One-on-One Health Coaching I offer is priced to make it accessible to as many people as possible – no matter their health needs or financial situation. I’ll be happy to explain the price during our initial conversations about your health journey.

Mineral Analysis Questions & Answers

Most people know that their bodies are made up of mostly water but have you ever given any thought to the other minerals. My mineral analysis focuses on those minerals, their balances within your body and their impacts on long-term health.

I focus on two methods of analyzing mineral balance in your body. First, we do bloodwork to identify the levels currently in your body and then we do hair tissue analysis to see how mineral balance, or imbalance, has impacted health over time.

While you may be thinking that mineral analysis is expensive, it’s actually quite affordable for just about any budget – especially when you consider the health benefits that come along with understanding mineral balances in your body.

RCP + Health Coaching Questions & Answers

Heartfelt Holistic’s RCP + Health Coaching package combines everything we offer – health coaching and root cause protocol – rolled into one affordable, accessible package. It’s perfect for anyone interested in healthy living!

RCP + Health Coaching offers all of the services you’ll find at Heartfelt Holistic at one convenient price. You’ll get the full 6 months of health coaching along with an initial root cause protocol consultation that informs our steps.

You have multiple options to purchase Heartfelt Holistic’s RCP + Heath Coaching package. You can use our Shop page to purchase the service from our website or you can contact us by phone or web form to complete the process.

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