Root Cause Protocol Consultation


Includes hair tissue analysis, blood work analysis, 30 minute intro consultation and 90 minute deep-dive consultation to review bloodwork and HTMA. RCP consultation is followed with 3 months of biweekly coaching to ensure you stay on track and don’t lose focus as you implement the steps and phases of the Protocol. I will support you as you make lasting change! HTMA is included in the price. Bloodwork must be ordered separately.


Root Cause Protocol Consultation

Learn all about how mineral balance, or imbalance, is affecting your health during a deep-dive Root Cause Protocol consultation at Heartfelt Holistic. We’ll use bloodwork and tissue analysis to get to the root causes of your health issues.

  • Intro Consultation
  • 90-Minute Deep-Dive Consult
  • Focus on Medical/Stress History
  • Bloodwork & Hair Tissue Analysis

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