RCP Follow-Up


Includes hair tissue analysis, blood work analysis (sourced separately), 30 minute intro consultation and 90 minute deep-dive consultation to review bloodwork and HTMA. This is designed to be a follow up consultation for returning clients who are looking for a one-on-one appointment to see how things have changed. This is something to consider doing 6-12 months after your first HTMA.


Root Cause Protocol Consultation: Follow Up

This service is for returning clients only! If you’re looking for a follow-up review to see how things are changing and improving, this is for you!  We’ll use bloodwork and tissue analysis to get the most up to date information on your health and mineral status. *Please confirm with Corinne prior to booking this service!

  • Intro Consultation
  • 90-Minute Follow Up Consult
  • Bloodwork & Hair Tissue Analysis

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