As the founder of Heartfelt Holistic, I want this website to be your resource, one easily accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection, for all things health-related – from delicious and nutritious recipes to answers to your most pressing mineral balance questions.

I believe that little steps like this site – steps that make it easier for those looking to take control of their health to do so – that make transformative changes possible. That’s part of my coaching philosophy you’ll come to learn as we develop our lasting coach-client relationship!

Here are the resources you can find now on my website relating to your health and a healthy lifestyle. Please use them as often as you like or reach out for more information on any of the following:

Recipes: Want to cook something healthy and delicious? Something that’s as good as it is good for you? That the whole family will like? Look no further because you’ve found a plethora of savory and sweet dishes you can make and enjoy any time!

Lab TestsAs an RCP Consultant trained at the RCP Institute, I know how new this approach is to many people who I come into contact with but it’s not anything mysterious or mystical. It’s completely scientific with lab tests designed to mineral balance in the body.

Protocol Steps: So, what is root cause protocol? What does it consist of? Here I explain in detail the steps involved in root cause protocol including the reasons we do what we do together and what we can glean from the information we gather through testing. It’s an enlightening journey through the steps in my Mineral Balance service.

Troubleshooting: Is there any process in life today that doesn’t require troubleshooting now and then? Whether it’s technology or health coaching there will always be room for improvement in understanding, experience and derived results. Troubleshooting helps to ensure the process is smooth for each and every client that comes to Heartfelt Holistic.

If you’d like to skip the reading and get right to the discussion about your specific health coaching or mineral analysis needs then by all means jump the line completely and contact me at (623) 300-2811 or submit a contact form to start the process.

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