Protocol Steps

Protocol Steps

One of the joys of my health coaching career is showing clients how much mineral balance can impact long-term health, fitness levels and mental acuity. I was trained at the RCP Institute and bring all of that knowledge to our interactions so you have an unmatched resource for mineral balance information and advice from our first session together. Best of all, we commit to the Protocol streps together as a team!

Minerals make up a huge portion of our bodies and their percentages, or lack thereof, can lead to symptoms of disease and health issues that can lessen your quality of life. Our RCP sessions and the mineral analysis we complete give us all the information we need to develop a protocol for you that leads to a much healthier lifestyle.

Remember, RCP is a slow and steady process that’s not meant to be completed all at once. You can find out more about the stops and starts associated with the program by visiting the RCP website here. Here’s a great list of the “Starts” you’ll find there:


Phase 1: The Foundations

  1.     Start taking adrenal cocktails
  2.     Start taking mineral drops or applying transdermal magnesium
  3.     Start taking wholefood vitamin C (WFC) complex
  4.     Start taking magnesium
  5.     Start eating grass-fed organic beef liver

Phase 2: The Supporting Nutrients

  1.     Start eating organic ancestral whole foods and drinking mineralized filtered water
  2.     Start taking Mother Nature’s sources for B vitamins
  3.     Start taking wholefood vitamin E complex
  4.     Start taking boron
  5.  Start taking cod liver oil

Phase 3: The Advanced Nutrients

  1.  Start taking taurine
  2.  Start taking silica / diatomaceous earth
  3.  Start taking iodine from food

Phase X: Deeper Support

  1.  Start donating blood
  2.  Start managing histamine levels/reactions
  3.  Start releasing emotional stress
  4.  Start strengthening the bioenergetic field
  5.  Start getting regular sunlight

If you’d like to discuss your personal mineral balance and the mineral analysis we would use to find it together just reach out to Heartfelt Holistic at (623) 300-2811 or submit a contact form with your information and I’ll call you directly!

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