When I started Heartfelt Holistic, it was with the intention of creating a seamless experience for my health coaching and root cause protocol clients. But as with any human endeavor, sometimes things can get crisscrossed or go haywire during the process so I’ve created this Troubleshooting page to try to supply my clients and visitors with fast answers to the most common problems that arise during sessions or coaching regimens.

Though I’ve tried hard to incorporate information relating to every problem my clients and visitors have encountered, there’s always room for improvement (which is a part of my health coaching philosophy) and I’m open to any and all suggestions you have for streamlining or enhancing the services I offer clients. Just like you, I want to be better everyday for those looking to me for guidance, advice and support.

If you’d like to discuss anything you found on this page or my site in general just reach out to Heartfelt Holistic at (623) 300-2811 or submit a contact form with your information and I’ll call you directly to start a conversation!

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