I’m Corinne – Your New RCP Consultant!

Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here. This is a place that I hope will inspire you to become an advocate for your health!

I completed training with the RCP Institute in late 2021 and I’m excited to support you in finding balance in your body. Mineral imbalance in the body leads to metabolic dysfunction and symptoms of disease. We’re all exposed to stress. That stress impacts our mineral balance and specifically depletes us of one key mineral – magnesium. Symptoms of disease can almost always be linked to stressors in our lives which can then be tied to mineral imbalances if looked at through the right lens. Root Cause Protocol consultation can identify imbalance to help you get back on the path to health!

Live Healthier with One-on-One Coaching!

Achieving a healthy diet is an integral part of living a healthy, active lifestyle and that’s the goal of my One-on-One Coaching sessions.

As a health coach, I’m wholly committed to good nutrition – for myself and my clients. Part of that commitment is understanding the ways in which physical, spiritual and emotional well-being influence eating behaviors so I can assist clients like you.


This course connected the dots for me — from stressors to symptoms. It just makes sense! Within days of starting the protocol, I had more energy and started sleeping better”
— N.M


“I finally feel like I’m completely in control of my health and wellbeing! Thank you for your help”
— V. E.