I’m Corinne

Your New RCP Consultant!
Name:Corinne Martens
Current Location:Scottsdale, Arizona
Work Type:Health & Wellness
Occupation:Health Consultant
Hometown:Manitoba, Canada
Health Coach:2 Years
Client Success100%
RCP Training:1 Year
Offering Coaching:Greater Arizona

If you’re uncertain whether health coaching is for you it’s time to get off the fence and into a session with Heartfelt Holistic!

I completed training with the RCP Institute in late 2021 and I’m excited to support you in finding balance in your body. Mineral imbalance in the body leads to metabolic dysfunction and symptoms of disease. We’re all exposed to stress. That stress impacts our mineral balance and specifically depletes us of one key mineral – magnesium. Symptoms of disease can almost always be linked to stressors in our lives which can then be tied to mineral imbalances if looked at through the right lens. Root Cause Protocol consultation can identify imbalance to help you get back on the path to health!